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We offer several classes for various abilities, as well as classes for performers and non-performers.  Classes are held September through June with additional summer rehearsals for Showcase Participants, Competition Dancers, and Show Team Dancers.

Registration & TUITION

The dance season runs September-June. Most classes are $60/month September-May, no payment in June. Multi-class and family discounts are available. 

Registration is $30/individual or $40/family AND the first month’s payment.  Register ONLINE or with cash, check, or credit/debit card at the studio.  A 5% fee applies to credit/debit charges.  


Enrollment is for the entire dance season, not weekly or monthly. Accordingly, by enrolling in a the dance season it is understood that tuition for the entire season is owed. We offer a one-time adjustment period in February to make class changes.  No tuition deduction or allowance shall be made by reason of the absence, withdrawal, suspension, or dismissal of the student. First time enrollees may withdraw up to the fourth lesson for a refund of the tuition balance (registration fee is non-refundable). Exceptions may be made for 2 year olds after the 4th lesson at the instructor’s discretion.

The first monthly installment AND an initial registration fee is due before the first class. Registration is non-refundable. See the full tuition policy when you register online.


Students use the restroom BEFORE
Take all dance shoes & water in a SPILL-PROOF CONTAINER into
the studio so there are no interruptions.  PARENTS – accompany children in the restroom.

Parking is in the Rear of the building, across the street, or at neighboring businesses after 6:00 pm.  Instructor parking is in front of the building. 

¨       WATER ONLY is allowed in spill-proof containers.  NO GATORADE OR FLAVORED WATER.  Water breaks are per the instructor’s discretion. 

¨       No gum, candy, food, or drinks in any room of the studio.  NO FOOD/DRINK GARBAGE IN ANY GARBAGE CAN.  Food exceptions may be PRE-ARRANGED with the Studio Director for nutritional needs when a student has more than THREE classes on the same day.  If you or your non-dancing child must eat during class, please do so in your car or away from the studio.  Water is permitted in a SPILL-PROOF CONTAINER of your choice.  Cups with pop-off lids are not spill-proof.

¨       Classes and prices are subject to change based on number of students and studio availability.  

¨       Parents and guests please wait quietly in the waiting area.  Parents may accompany 2-5 year olds the first few weeks of class depending on dancer needs.  Please note that street shoes are not permitted in the studios as small pebbles and stickers are hazardous to our dancers who are en pointe or dance barefoot.

¨       Your help to keep all studio areas clean inside and out is greatly appreciated.  This helps us focus on dance and keep costs down.

¨       Do NOT hang on ballet barres, touch the mirrors, or run anyplace in the studio.

¨       We reserve the right to deny lessons to anyone without cause. 

PERFORMANCE & COMPETITION INFO   The Annual Kids In Motion Showcase Recital and all associated rehearsals and activities are included in the monthly payments.  So there are no additional fees for this event!  Most classes have a nominal costume fee between $70 and $130 depending on the class, and students get to keep their costumes!  Costume fees will be announced in class and are usually due in November or December.  Advance tickets to the show are available for purchase in May.  Please budget accordingly.

 Open Performances   All dance classes are invited to perform at select shows throughout the year.  Information will be available as these opportunities arise.  Students are not required to perform. 

Competition Teams  Competition auditions are conducted in June.  Competition dancers are required to attend community performances and additional rehearsals.  A competition fee applies.  An informational meeting will be scheduled prior to auditions.  Competition Dancers are also required to be part of the upcoming Summer Show Team and take ballet throughout the year. 

Summer Show Team   All dancers are invited to participate on the Show Team.  The Show Team dancers are invited to special performances, (i.e., Parades, Special Guests at Talent Shows, National Showcase, Flash Mobs, out of area Dance Camps etc.), eligible for fundraisers, and eligible for special awards at the end of the dance season. Team pins are awarded to those dancers who achieve 70% attendance at performances.  

CLASS CLOSURES & CANCELLATIONS Exclusive of special performances and competitions that may pre-empt class 

Labor Day     Thanksgiving – Thursday & Friday     Christmas Break  – Same as Kennewick Schools    

President’s Day

Spring Break - Same as Kennewick Schools    Memorial Day

Inclement Weather:  Check the website calendar & Facebook before your class:

Studio Attire

No Street Shoes, baggy clothes, denim, or jewelry permitted in any class. 

Dance wear can be purchased through the studio, online or in any local store, i.e. Shopko.

PLEASE NOTE – Students who are late or not dressed appropriately for their class may be asked to take notes in lieu of dancing. This is not to serve as punishment, but rather to ensure the safety of each dancer and the progress of the class. Appropriate attire and warmup is critical to properly and fully execute dance moves without injury. Experience has also taught us that taking notes during class is much more effective than missing class altogether.  Thank you for your cooperation.

 HAIRNEAT, SECURE BUNS for all ballet classes.  NO FLYAWAYS!!

At a minimum for Non- Ballet classes -  Cleanly & tightly secured away from face and eyes.  NO FLYAWAYS!! 



Twinkle Stars Classes:  Pink leotards (attached skirts ok), pink tights, and pink LEATHER ballet slippers

Ballet/Jazz Combo or Super-Combo -  Plain, pink leotard (attached skirts ok), pink tights, pink LEATHER ballet slippers, black tap shoes for Super-Combo. 

Ballet: Plain, black leotard (no skirts in class; skirts required for January Family Expo performance), pink tights, and pink LEATHER ballet slippers.  

Adult Ballet:  Leotard or slightly fitted t-shirt/tank top, tights or leggings, ballet shoes.  Socks are okay for the 1st month. 

Dance FusionLEOTARD OR BIKETARD or slightly fitted t-shirt/tank top with sports bra, tights or leggings, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or foot undiez are required.  Specialized shoes MAY be required in January.

Jazz/Tap:  LEOTARD OR BIKETARD.  Jazz top, or fitted t-shirt OVER leotard or biketard is ok. Tights or leggings, jazz shorts, black jazz/tap shoes.  Tap Level 2 & Up need all-leather shoes.  Pre-tap, Beginning Tap, and Level I ok with patent leather shoes. 

Clogging: Tap shoes okay for clogging levels 1, 2.  Beginning adults may wear socks or closed-toe shoes designated for the studio the 1st month.  White clogging shoes for all other cloggers.  Advanced dancers also need Bloch “Respect” tap shoes.  Comfortable clothes – NO DENIM

Ballroom: Character shoes required for females.  Males may wear socks or closed-toe shoes designated for the studio the 1st month, then ballroom/jazz oxfords are required.  Comfortable, conservative clothes. 

Hip Hop:  Dance sneakers required.  Socks are okay for the 1st month.  Females wear leotards or biketards under warm-up pants, yoga/jazz pants, or dance shorts (NO pajama pants or jeans).  T-shirts or fitted t-shirts over leotard ok. No belts.

Biketard or leotard with bike shorts, bare feet.  Convertible tights okay.

Dance Workout - Whatever moves ya!  Shoes designated for studio use only. 


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