Channel Surfing, A Dansical - June 15, 2019 Southridge High School

Posted by Wendy Robbins on Sep 16 2017 at 05:00PM PDT

It’s time for our annual Kids In Motion Showcase, Channel Surfing, a Dansical!  Southridge High Shool is our host auditorium again this year.
The show is Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 2:00 pm.

First things first: if your deleted items folder ate the email from Miss Nancy and Miss Wendy, here’s everything you need to know about costumeshair and makeuptickets, and summer showteam. Please review this information before Thursday’s Technical Rehersal so Miss Wendy’s information meeting can go smoothly (and we all get to go home and go to bed).

Volunteer information:

Do you know what being a volunteer means? The Kids In Motion Showcase cannot happen. As a thank you for a few minutes of your time, you recieve a ticket into the Showcase.

Volunteers setting up the dressing room arrive 2 hours before show time. All other volunteers & instructors arrive at 1.5 hours before show time.

VOLUNTEERS ENTER THROUGH THE STAGE DOOR AT THE EAST CORNER OF THE SCHOOL. The EAST Door will be locked at 5 minutes after arrival time, so be on time.  Volunteers arriving late will have to wait until the fronts doors open for the public and buy a ticket at the door for entry.

Showcase Timeline: 

1 Hour before Show Time - Dancers & Cloggers arrive to change into costume, young dancers may arrive later but must be dressed & ready to dance before show time. Come with hair & make up done. Have your dancer’s name on all costume pieces, shoes, water bottles, and lipstick/makeup. Remember to bring your Dancer Voucher to get in. Parents of little ones should bring something CLEAN for them to do such as books or DVD players. The show will also be broadcast in the dressing room, and the dancers can have fun watching the show live. Please be sure you take everything with you at the end of the show & pick up all garbage We have a good reputation for leaving the areas cleaner than we found them; please help us keep the school clean. Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium. Dancers may have water in a spill-proof container with their name on it in the dressing areas.

30 minutes before show time – 3-5 year olds, 5-7 year old pre-combo dancers arrive. 

15 minutes before show time – 2 year olds in dressing room

Parents of 2-5 year olds may stay in the dressing room until 15 minutes before show time.  All other parents must leave the dressing room 30 minutes before show time so dancers can warm-up. We have volunteers for costume changes, and you can be one! Only authorized volunteers will be allowed in the dressing rooms and backstage. Dancers who are in Act I only (first half of show) remain in the dressing room until parents get them at intermission. Dancers who are in Act II only may sit with family to watch the first half of the show; return to the dressing room at the beginning of intermission. Dancers in both Acts remain backstage during the show.

Instructions for the finale’ dance & curtain will be provided at the Mandatory Technical Rehearsal on Thursday.

Older dancers/teens warm-up backstage 45 minutes before show time.

We need help setting the floor prior to the show and removing it/taking it back to the studio after the show as well as cleaning up the auditorium and dressing rooms.  See Nancy to volunteer for a FREE recital ticket. 

Any questions? Contact Miss Nancy or Miss Wendy