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Welcome to Dance Connection!

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Creating an environment to learn, experience, and share the joy of dance.   

  Click HERE to enroll. Come dance with us!! 

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OFFICE HOURSMONDAY-WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:30 PM.  Appointments too!  Just contact us!

  • Great selection of dance classes to meet today’s diverse dancer.  
  • Classes for Ages 2 – Adult
  • Watch your child grow and develop a love for dance from one of our 2 comfortable waiting areas.
  • Beginners through Advanced dancers
  • Highly Experienced Adult Instruction Team
  • 5 Studios to keep our classes small and your child dancing.
  • Online Enrollment for your convenience   
  • Payment options for everyone!  Pay online, Autopay, cash or check     
  • We love to showcase ALL of our dancers!  ALL dancers can join our Summer Show Team and be part of the largest Community Performing Group in the Tri-Cities!  Check out pics of our dancers on our Facebook page.
  • Competition Teams for the ultimate dance fans
  • Adult Workout Room - $15/month or $5 Drop in
  • One of 20 studios to perform for the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and Holiday Bowl Half-time Show
  • Entertaining the Tri-Cities, and Southeastern Washington and Oregon since 1994.  See our web calendar and join us at our next show!


We are located at 104 Vista Way, Kennewick, WA 99332. We are on the diagonal street between Highway 395 and Kennewick Avenue next to Chase Bank and across the street from Highlands Health Foods. We’re 15 minutes from just about anywhere in the Tri-Cities! We look forward to dancing with you!

Contact us at 509-628-9998 or 509-528-3398 with any questions. LIKE us on Facebook too!   



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Registration is $30/individual or $40/family. Classes range from $40-$90/month depending on the class. Registration and the first month’s tuition are due upon enrollment. Multiple class and family discounts are available. The schedule is subject to change based on min/max enrollment. Special classes such as Twinkle Star Toddlers for ages 2-4 and Ballroom receive additional discounts. The dance season is Sept-June and culminates with our year end show. New students can join throughout the dance season however recital participation is dependent on skills demonstrated and costume availability. Monthly payments are Sept-May. There is no payment in June.


2019-2020 DANCE SEASON SCHEDULE – Scoll Down

104 Vista Way, Kennewick.   509-628-9998 


9:00-11:00 am Senior Carefree Cloggers – Contact Fred at 509-627-0765 to register
4:30-5:15 pm Musical Theater
5:15-6:15 Ballet/Tap Combo
5:15-5:45 Beginning Tap
5:15-6:00 Intermediate Hip Hop
5:15-6:45 Super Combo/Ballet-Jazz-Tap
5:45-6:45 Ballet/Jazz Combo
6:00-7:00 Int/Adv. Lyrical Jazz/Jazz Technique
6:30-7:00 Pre-Advanced Clogging
6:45-7:15 Tap 1-2
7:00-7:45 Dance Fusion
7:00-7:45 Adv. Clogging
7:45-8:45 Adult Ballet – ENROLL ANYTIME!
4:15-5:00 Pointe Class
4:30-5:15 Jazz 1
4:45-5:45 Reserved for Ballet 3
5:00-6:30 Ballet 3/4 combined Day 1 of 2
5:15-6:00 Ballet 1
5:45-6:30 Twinkle Stars Ballet Tap A
6:00-645 Beginning Clogging 1
6:30-7:00 Twinkle Star Toddlers A
6:45-7:30 Beg. Adult Clog
6:45-7:30 Intermediate 1 – Adult Clogging
6:45-7:30 Intermediate 1 – Kids Clogging
7:30-8:30 Clogging Show Team Beginner through Advanced
8:30-9:15 Intermediate 2 Adult Clogging
4:45-5:30 Intermediate Jazz/Competitive Jazz
5:00-5:45 Hip Hop Ages 9-12
5:30-6:00 Twinkle Toddlers B
5:30-6:30 Ballet 3 – Day 1 of 2
5:45-6:30 Jazz 1-2
6:00-6:45 Twinkle Stars Ballet/Tap B
6:30-7:30 Ballet 2-3
6:30-7:15 Hip Hop Minis
7:15-8:00 Teen Hip Hop
7:30-8:15 Intermediate Tap/Competitive Tap
8:15-9:00 Contemporary
4:30-6:00 Ballet 4 – Day 2 of 2
4:30-5:15 Teen Acro
5:15-6:00 Elementary Acro
6:00-7:00 Beginning Ballet
6:00-6:45 Twinkle Stars Ballet/Tap C
6:00-6:45 Acro Minis
6:00-8:00 Reserved for Competition Team
7:00-7:45 Intermediate Acro
7:00-7:45 Beginning Clogging
7:30-8:15 Ballroom – Adults & Teens
TBA Competition Class – By Audition Only; Auditions are typically held in June for the following dance season
  Book your DANCE BIRTHDAY PARTY!! You bring the cake, we bring the dance party! Only $100 for you & 7 friends to dance & party for 1.5 hours.  $25 for each additional 1/2 hour. $5 for each additional child. ‘Frozen’ and other themes available.

It’s time for our annual Kids In Motion Showcase, Channel Surfing, a Dansical!  Southridge High Shool is our host auditorium again this year.
The show is Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 2:00 pm.

First things first: if your deleted items folder ate the email from Miss Nancy and Miss Wendy, here’s everything you need to know about costumeshair and makeuptickets, and summer showteam. Please review this information before Thursday’s Technical Rehersal so Miss Wendy’s information meeting can go smoothly (and we all get to go home and go to bed).

Volunteer information:

Do you know what being a volunteer means? The Kids In Motion Showcase cannot happen. As a thank you for a few minutes of your time, you recieve a ticket into the Showcase.

Volunteers setting up the dressing room arrive 2 hours before show time. All other volunteers & instructors arrive at 1.5 hours before show time.

VOLUNTEERS ENTER THROUGH THE STAGE DOOR AT THE EAST CORNER OF THE SCHOOL. The EAST Door will be locked at 5 minutes after arrival time, so be on time.  Volunteers arriving late will have to wait until the fronts doors open for the public and buy a ticket at the door for entry.

Showcase Timeline: 

1 Hour before Show Time - Dancers & Cloggers arrive to change into costume, young dancers may arrive later but must be dressed & ready to dance before show time. Come with hair & make up done. Have your dancer’s name on all costume pieces, shoes, water bottles, and lipstick/makeup. Remember to bring your Dancer Voucher to get in. Parents of little ones should bring something CLEAN for them to do such as books or DVD players. The show will also be broadcast in the dressing room, and the dancers can have fun watching the show live. Please be sure you take everything with you at the end of the show & pick up all garbage We have a good reputation for leaving the areas cleaner than we found them; please help us keep the school clean. Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium. Dancers may have water in a spill-proof container with their name on it in the dressing areas.

30 minutes before show time – 3-5 year olds, 5-7 year old pre-combo dancers arrive. 

15 minutes before show time – 2 year olds in dressing room

Parents of 2-5 year olds may stay in the dressing room until 15 minutes before show time.  All other parents must leave the dressing room 30 minutes before show time so dancers can warm-up. We have volunteers for costume changes, and you can be one! Only authorized volunteers will be allowed in the dressing rooms and backstage. Dancers who are in Act I only (first half of show) remain in the dressing room until parents get them at intermission. Dancers who are in Act II only may sit with family to watch the first half of the show; return to the dressing room at the beginning of intermission. Dancers in both Acts remain backstage during the show.

Instructions for the finale’ dance & curtain will be provided at the Mandatory Technical Rehearsal on Thursday.

Older dancers/teens warm-up backstage 45 minutes before show time.

We need help setting the floor prior to the show and removing it/taking it back to the studio after the show as well as cleaning up the auditorium and dressing rooms.  See Nancy to volunteer for a FREE recital ticket. 

Any questions? Contact Miss Nancy or Miss Wendy



We offer several classes for various abilities, as well as classes for performers and non-performers.  Classes are held September through June with additional summer rehearsals for Showcase Participants, Competition Dancers, and Show Team Dancers.

Registration & TUITION

The dance season runs September-June. Most classes are $60/month September-May, no payment in June. Multi-class and family discounts are available. 

Registration is $30/individual or $40/family AND the first month’s payment.  Register ONLINE or with cash, check, or credit/debit card at the studio.  A 5% fee applies to credit/debit charges.  


Enrollment is for the entire dance season, not weekly or monthly. Accordingly, by enrolling in a the dance season it is understood that tuition for the entire season is owed. We offer a one-time adjustment period in February to make class changes.  No tuition deduction or allowance shall be made by reason of the absence, withdrawal, suspension, or dismissal of the student. First time enrollees may withdraw up to the fourth lesson for a refund of the tuition balance (registration fee is non-refundable). Exceptions may be made for 2 year olds after the 4th lesson at the instructor’s discretion.

The first monthly installment AND an initial registration fee is due before the first class. Registration is non-refundable. See the full tuition policy when you register online.


Students use the restroom BEFORE
Take all dance shoes & water in a SPILL-PROOF CONTAINER into
the studio so there are no interruptions.  PARENTS – accompany children in the restroom.

Parking is in the Rear of the building, across the street, or at neighboring businesses after 6:00 pm.  Instructor parking is in front of the building. 

¨       WATER ONLY is allowed in spill-proof containers.  NO GATORADE OR FLAVORED WATER.  Water breaks are per the instructor’s discretion. 

¨       No gum, candy, food, or drinks in any room of the studio.  NO FOOD/DRINK GARBAGE IN ANY GARBAGE CAN.  Food exceptions may be PRE-ARRANGED with the Studio Director for nutritional needs when a student has more than THREE classes on the same day.  If you or your non-dancing child must eat during class, please do so in your car or away from the studio.  Water is permitted in a SPILL-PROOF CONTAINER of your choice.  Cups with pop-off lids are not spill-proof.

¨       Classes and prices are subject to change based on number of students and studio availability.  

¨       Parents and guests please wait quietly in the waiting area.  Parents may accompany 2-5 year olds the first few weeks of class depending on dancer needs.  Please note that street shoes are not permitted in the studios as small pebbles and stickers are hazardous to our dancers who are en pointe or dance barefoot.

¨       Your help to keep all studio areas clean inside and out is greatly appreciated.  This helps us focus on dance and keep costs down.

¨       Do NOT hang on ballet barres, touch the mirrors, or run anyplace in the studio.

¨       We reserve the right to deny lessons to anyone without cause. 

PERFORMANCE & COMPETITION INFO   The Annual Kids In Motion Showcase Recital and all associated rehearsals and activities are included in the monthly payments.  So there are no additional fees for this event!  Most classes have a nominal costume fee between $70 and $130 depending on the class, and students get to keep their costumes!  Costume fees will be announced in class and are usually due in November or December.  Advance tickets to the show are available for purchase in May.  Please budget accordingly.

 Open Performances   All dance classes are invited to perform at select shows throughout the year.  Information will be available as these opportunities arise.  Students are not required to perform. 

Competition Teams  Competition auditions are conducted in June.  Competition dancers are required to attend community performances and additional rehearsals.  A competition fee applies.  An informational meeting will be scheduled prior to auditions.  Competition Dancers are also required to be part of the upcoming Summer Show Team and take ballet throughout the year. 

Summer Show Team   All dancers are invited to participate on the Show Team.  The Show Team dancers are invited to special performances, (i.e., Parades, Special Guests at Talent Shows, National Showcase, Flash Mobs, out of area Dance Camps etc.), eligible for fundraisers, and eligible for special awards at the end of the dance season. Team pins are awarded to those dancers who achieve 70% attendance at performances.  

CLASS CLOSURES & CANCELLATIONS Exclusive of special performances and competitions that may pre-empt class 

Labor Day     Thanksgiving – Thursday & Friday     Christmas Break  – Same as Kennewick Schools    

President’s Day

Spring Break - Same as Kennewick Schools    Memorial Day

Inclement Weather:  Check the website calendar & Facebook before your class:

Studio Attire

No Street Shoes, baggy clothes, denim, or jewelry permitted in any class. 

Dance wear can be purchased through the studio, online or in any local store, i.e. Shopko.

PLEASE NOTE – Students who are late or not dressed appropriately for their class may be asked to take notes in lieu of dancing. This is not to serve as punishment, but rather to ensure the safety of each dancer and the progress of the class. Appropriate attire and warmup is critical to properly and fully execute dance moves without injury. Experience has also taught us that taking notes during class is much more effective than missing class altogether.  Thank you for your cooperation.

 HAIRNEAT, SECURE BUNS for all ballet classes.  NO FLYAWAYS!!

At a minimum for Non- Ballet classes -  Cleanly & tightly secured away from face and eyes.  NO FLYAWAYS!! 



Twinkle Stars Classes:  Pink leotards (attached skirts ok), pink tights, and pink LEATHER ballet slippers

Ballet/Jazz Combo or Super-Combo -  Plain, pink leotard (attached skirts ok), pink tights, pink LEATHER ballet slippers, black tap shoes for Super-Combo. 

Ballet: Plain, black leotard (no skirts in class; skirts required for January Family Expo performance), pink tights, and pink LEATHER ballet slippers.  

Adult Ballet:  Leotard or slightly fitted t-shirt/tank top, tights or leggings, ballet shoes.  Socks are okay for the 1st month. 

Dance FusionLEOTARD OR BIKETARD or slightly fitted t-shirt/tank top with sports bra, tights or leggings, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or foot undiez are required.  Specialized shoes MAY be required in January.

Jazz/Tap:  LEOTARD OR BIKETARD.  Jazz top, or fitted t-shirt OVER leotard or biketard is ok. Tights or leggings, jazz shorts, black jazz/tap shoes.  Tap Level 2 & Up need all-leather shoes.  Pre-tap, Beginning Tap, and Level I ok with patent leather shoes. 

Clogging: Tap shoes okay for clogging levels 1, 2.  Beginning adults may wear socks or closed-toe shoes designated for the studio the 1st month.  White clogging shoes for all other cloggers.  Advanced dancers also need Bloch “Respect” tap shoes.  Comfortable clothes – NO DENIM

Ballroom: Character shoes required for females.  Males may wear socks or closed-toe shoes designated for the studio the 1st month, then ballroom/jazz oxfords are required.  Comfortable, conservative clothes. 

Hip Hop:  Dance sneakers required.  Socks are okay for the 1st month.  Females wear leotards or biketards under warm-up pants, yoga/jazz pants, or dance shorts (NO pajama pants or jeans).  T-shirts or fitted t-shirts over leotard ok. No belts.

Biketard or leotard with bike shorts, bare feet.  Convertible tights okay.

Dance Workout - Whatever moves ya!  Shoes designated for studio use only. 

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The Dance Connection is directed by Wendy Robbins. Wendy’s dance experience includes jazz, tap, ballet, theater, and clogging.  She enjoys teaching all dance styles and focuses on correct technique while building each dancer’s self-confidence.  Wendy directed Dance In Flight ballet company’s production of "Cinderella….Well Almost" and received rave reviews as one of the best productions in the company’s history.  A few of Wendy’s other dance moments include several Richland Light Opera productions, performing with the Charlie Daniels Band at the Florida Citrus Bowl, dancing as a featured guest at the National Clogging Convention in Las Vegas, and performing with the inaugural Chinook Basketball dance team.  Wendy is also the Director of the Diamond Ridge Cloggers and has taught clogging for over 20 years!  She also coached cheerleaders for 12 years and offers private coaching to future cheerleaders and dance team members.  Wendy studied dance at WWU in Bellingham and holds a BA in Speech Pathology/Audiology.

Erin An is an all-around dance expert.  She teaches hip hop, lyrical, tap, ballet, jazz and our little dancers.  Erin joined us a few agos when she moved from Texas where she taught all dance styles.  Her Tri-Cities students love her as much as her Texas students did, and they can’t get enough of her choreography. 

Danielle Rothwell is a national clogging competitor, placing first at several national events.  Danielle learned to clog with the Diamond Ridge Cloggers over 15 years ago before moving to attend college at Eastern Washington and then Boise, ID where she danced with a national competition team.  With her Masters Degree in hand, she returned to the Tri-Cities and has been teaching our advanced cloggers, adults & competition teams for the past 5 years.  We are honored to have her join us and share her experience and techniques with us.

Fred Shaffner has clogged for untold years and teaches our Carefree Senior Cloggers.  You’ll notice him at all of our shows – he’s the youngest at heart!  Senior classes are held on Monday mornings. Register for this fun activity through Fred at 627-0765.  Fred also provides valuable assistance with our adult clogging classes and new show team dancers.

Hannah Osborne started taking ballet at the age of 2 at Ballet Arts in the Tri-Cities where she studied all through her school years. At 18 she moved to New York to dance with Light of the World Ballet Company for two years. She spent two summers in Walla Walla at summer dance intensive. She spent five sumers in Jackson, Mississippi at summer dance instensives with Ballet Magnificat!. She was involved with the performing company Dance In Flight while in the Tri-Cities and had the opportunity to choreograph and assist in directing several shows.  Hannah maried her high school sweetheart in 2007. Hannah is mom to two awesome dancers and a new puppy.

Taylor Nagle Miss Taylor grew up dancing and competing in a variety of dance styles. She is super excited to be back at Dance Connection after taking time off to attend college and encourages everyone to come dance with her! .  

Barbara Wilson – Stay Tuned!

Beth Giever has dabbled in a little of everything and is the go to sub when your usual instructor (or their kid) gets sick! We appreciate her willingness to jump in at the last minute whenever she’s needed!
Fun Fact: in her spare time Miss Beth trains for and participates in triathlons!
She loves to dance and leaps across the finish line of a triathlon after 4 hours and some 35 miles!